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Introduction of KR-CON

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Kind of KR-CON software

- KR-CON USB : This KR-CON USB version as the carriage of publication of IMO on board running without Internet connection includes IMO documents which have been released until March 2014.

* guidance on the carriage of publications on board ships by IMO
The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-first session (10 to 19 May 2006), and the Marine Environment Protection Committee, at its fifty-third session (18 to 22 July 2005), in order to give guidance on the carriage of publications on board ships, approved the MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2 IMO requirements on carriage of publications on board ships as attached document.(Original document :file )

- KR-CON Website : The website (http://krcon.krs.co.kr/)is regularly updated upon release of new IMO documents.

- KR-CON Mobile App : KR-CON App is available now on the App Store(iOS) and Google Play Store (Android OS) for smart devices.

Document List

The document list contained in KR-CON software is as the attached file. (Original document :file )

• 31 IMO Conventions : SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, STCW, BWM, etc.
• 34 IMO Codes : ISM, ISPS, LSA, FSS, IBC, IGC, IMDG, etc.
• 6 Resolutions : Assembly, MSC, MEPC, FAL, LEG, SOLAS Conference
• 9 Circulars : MSC, MEPC, MSC-MEPC, LL, STCW, BC, BWM, etc.
• Others : UNCLOS, IACS UI, ILO Conventions

KR-CON User Guide Video

Click here to see KR-CON User Guide Video (Full Screen : Double Click to the video)

KR-CON Leaflet & User Guide Manual

Click here to see KR-CON Leaflet & User Guide Manual(Original document :file )

Tree View Structure

Tree View allows you to easily browse the full and up-to-date texts of all IMO instruments. It enables you to extract the latest consolidated editions of Conventions and Codes including SOLAS, MARPOL, ICLL, IBC Code and IGC Code. To ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date version, the very latest edition is located in a dedicated folder marked with asterisks.

In addition, to provide a full history, Tree View also holds all previous amendments to IMO instruments and for ease of use it contains:

* Amendment status : A simple table providing amendment history
* Headline information : Giving the effective date, applicable ship and other data
* Amendment tracking system : Allowing you to moving directly to “previous” or “next” amendments
* Visual materials : Linking the text to relevant images
* Hyperlinks : Providing interactive links to related information

Word Search Function

The word search facility enables you to find specific regulations by entering a single word or string of words. Searches may be refined by category and sub-category. Hitting “Ctrl + F” takes you directly to the search results page.

My Ship Tree

Because regulations vary depending on vessel type, construction date, tonnage and dimensions, My Ship Tree will automatically deliver customized regulations based on the ship’s information that has been input.

Any additional requirements that were adopted after the date of your ship’s construction are listed separately at the bottom of the page.

Survey Check List

Res.A.1053(27), “Survey Guidelines under the Harmonized System of Survey and Certification, 2011”, presents survey guidelines to assist member governments implement the requirements of the IMO instruments.

Survey Checklist delivers the checklists based on a ship’s particulars in accordance with Res.A.1053(27) and provides checklists for a range of regulations including SC, SE, SR, PS, IOPP, ISPP, IAPP, IGPP, IBC and IGC.

In order to obtain these checklists, the details highlighted with a red asterisk are to be completed.

Convention Today

New features to list and find newly adopted IMO documents which are applicable according to ship type, effective date, contract date, construction date, delivery date and etc.

Status of Conventions

This function provides you with a status of conventions and protocols such as accession or denunciation sorted by country.

IMO Documents BBS (Bulletin Board System)

Various IMO Committees’ or Sub-committees’ meeting documents such as Agenda Items and Final Reports are posted in IMO Documents, providing on-going information for the relevant maritime industries to better cope with rapidly changing maritime regulatory environment


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