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[New]Application for ship survey (2008.06)
File Application for ship survey(GF-1)11.doc (72,704)bytes
Application for ship survey(GF-1)11.doc.pdf (235,650)bytes
Hit 4724 Date 2008.06.02
This is the revised form of the "Application for ship survey" effective on or after 09 June 2008.

In case where the applicant intends to apply for any kinds of ship surveys such as the Classification survey for existing ship and Classification Survey during Construction/after Construction to Korean Register, this form should be filled out and forwarded to this Society.

In case of the Classification Survey during Construction/after Construction,
"Additional data(1) and (2) for Application for ship survey"(GF-1-Add 1/2), (GF-1-Add 2/2)
should be filled out and be sent to the "Hull Team" for Classification Survey during
Construction and "Survey Team" for Classification Survey after Construction respectively
along with this form "Application for ship survey(GF-1)(2008.06).
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