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MLC Convention

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Approval of DMLC

해사노동적합선언서 승인

What is DMLC?

DMLC Part I is a declaration which states the national requirements for implementation of MLC, 2006, and DMLC Part II is a declaration adopted by the shipowner to ensure compliance with the requirements on the DMLC Part I.

What does DMLC Part II declare?
  1. 1. Identified measures for ongoing compliance with the national requirements between inspections
  2. 2. Identified proposed measures to ensure ongoing improvement
  3. 3. If national requirements require ongoing compliance, identify the responsibility of verification, record of action taken and the action to be taken when breach occurs

Issuance of (interim) Maritime Labour Certificate

(임시)해사노동적합증서 발급

Conditions of interim MLC inspection
  1. 1. new ships on delivery;
  2. 2. when a ship changes flag; or
  3. 3. when a shipowner assumes responsibility for the operation of a ship which is new to that shipwoner

Notice: For interim MLC inspection, the ship should be manned in accordance with the Safe Manning Document. In addition, DMLC Part II should be submitted to the competent authority or RO for its approval.

Conditions of initial MLC inspection
  1. 1. DMLC Part II of which review was completed by the competent authority or RO to be onboard the ship; and
  2. 2. The ship should be manned in accordance with the Safe Manning Document and the ship’s normal operational condition

In case of accoummodation facilities of new building

신조선 거주설비의 경우

When is ship constructed according to MLC, 2006?

Ships which has been constructed on or after the Convention enters into force

A ship shall be deemed to have been constructed on the date when its keel is laid or when it is at a similar stage of construction


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